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Policy Overview Committee

Purpose of committee


[REPORTING TO COUNCIL unless otherwise stated in these Terms of Reference]





1.   The Overview Function


(1)Without prejudice to the role and responsibilities of other Committees, Boards etc, to review general policies of the Council and to recommend accordingly to the Cabinet on future policy options.


(2)To seek views from other Committees/Boards in order to obtain a balanced view of the effects of Council policy and Cabinet decisions.


(3)To hold policy reviews and make recommendations to the Cabinet and/or the GAC in accordance with the Committee’s Protocol.


(4)In accordance with the Committee’s Protocol to assist the Cabinet and/or the GAC in the development of future policies and strategies.


(5)Where appropriate, and as part of the community consultation process, to seek input from Councillors (including Cabinet members), Officers, Dartford Borough Residents’ Forum, other interested stakeholders and organisations and by drawing on the knowledge of constituents’ views.


(6)To gather information and make recommendations in accordance with the Committee’s Protocol to the Cabinet and/or the GAC before policy is implemented as part of the framework for accountable, transparent decision-making.


(7)To carry out reviews of non-Council matters and as part of the community planning process, consult with partner organisations where appropriate and make recommendations to the Cabinet in relation to matters which are not the direct responsibility of the GAC, but which nevertheless affect the economic, environmental and social well-being of the Borough.


(8)To consider and investigate broad policy issues and make reports and recommendations to the Cabinet and/or the GAC in accordance with the Committee’s Protocol.


(9)In accordance with the Committee’s Protocol to provide advice to the Cabinet and/or the GAC on major issues before final decisions are made.


(10)  To receive the views and recommendations of area/joint committees or forums as part of any review which impacts on the Borough.


(11)  To be consulted/receive referrals by the GAC and/or the Cabinet about issues falling within the remit of the Committee, example Cabinet requesting an enquiry into a particular issue.


(12)  To approve an annual overview work programme in accordance with Standing Order 58(8) including the programme of any subcommittee appointed by the Committee to ensure that there is efficient use of the Committee’s (sub-committee’s) time and that potential for duplication of effort is minimised.


(13)  To review the Cabinet’s forward plans with a view to deciding which, if any, forthcoming Cabinet decisions the Committee wishes to review.


(14)To carry out reviews of how certain decisions have affected a particular community or area by taking advice from area committees or forums and other community groups and representatives.


2.   Service Delivery


To consider new approaches to service delivery and recommend to the Cabinet demanding performance targets for services, so as to deliver continuous improvements which reflect both national and local considerations including;


(a)Challenging why and how a service is being provided;


(b)Securing comparison with the performance of others across a range of relevant indicators, taking into account the views of both service users and potential suppliers;


(c)Consulting local taxpayers, service users, partners and the wider business community in the setting up of new performance targets;


(d)Considering fair competition as a means of securing efficient and effective services


(e)To make recommendation(s) to the Cabinet on suitable performance information/indicators.

3.   Overview of Health Functions


 To review any matter relating to the planning, provision and operation of the health service in the Borough of Dartford, in accordance with the Local Authority (Public Health, Health and Wellbeing Boards and Health Scrutiny) Regulations 2013.


4.    Discussion/Consultation Papers


To respond to discussion/consultation papers relating to matters connected/associated with the functions of the Committee in accordance with the consultation procedure.



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