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Electoral Provisions Sub-Committee

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Information about Electoral Provisions Sub-Committee





1.        To publish notice of the holding of a review on behalf of the Council.


2.         To consult the Returning Officer for the parliamentary election held in the constituency which is wholly or partly in Borough of Dartford.


3.         To seek representations from such persons as the Sub committee thinks have particular expertise in relation to access to premises or facilities for persons who have different forms of disability.


4.         To receive representations from electors in the constituency situated in whole or in part in the authority’s area.


5.        To respond to consultation/discussion papers related to matters connected/associated with electoral arrangement functions in accordance with the Consultation/Discussion Papers Protocol.


6.         To agree the process for consultation on change of scheme for elections.


7.         To prepare and agree on submission proposals for pilot schemes for local elections.


8.         To deal with the procedural aspects of community governance reviews.




To recommend accordingly to the General Assembly of the Council on the matters referred to in these Terms of Reference.