Agenda and draft minutes

Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Committee - Wednesday 28 July 2021 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Civic Centre. View directions

No. Item


Apologies For Absence

To receive any apologies of absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Gaskin and Mrs Ozog.


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest from Members including the terms(s) of the Grant of Dispensation (if any) by the Audit Board or by the Chief Officer & Director of Corporate Services.


There were no declarations of interest received.


Confirmation of the Minutes of the meeting held on 10 February 2021 pdf icon PDF 261 KB


The Minutes the Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Committee held on 10 February 2021 were confirmed as a correct record of that Meeting.


Urgent Items

The Chairman will announce his decision as to whether there are any urgent items and their position on the agenda.


It was noted that there were no urgent Items for the Committee to consider.


To consider references from other Committees (if any)

There are no references from other Committees for Members to consider at present.


The Chairman reported that there were no items referred to the Committee for consideration.


Chairman's Opening Address


Councillor Sandhu, welcomed all those present to the meeting, in his capacity as the newly appointed Chairman of the Committee, and extended as special welcome to Inspector Rivett and Chief Inspector Dann who was attending his first meeting.


Regulation 9 Notice (Forward Plan) pdf icon PDF 282 KB

To consider any issues arising from the Regulation 9 Notice [Forward Plan] for the period 15 June 2021 to 31 October 2021.



Members received and noted a copy of the latest list of Forthcoming Key Decisions due  tobe taken  inthe forthcoming 4monthsinaccordancewith the LocalAuthorities(ExecutiveArrangements)(Meeting and Accessto Information)(England)Regulations2012.


Police and Crime Panel (PCP) Update: Meeting Held 17 June 2021

Councillor Richard Wells will provide a brief verbal update on this meeting.


Councillor Wells updated the Committee on the following issues which were discussed and the information which was provided at the meeting of the Police and Crime Panel held on 17 June 2021, as the minutes of the meeting had not yet been published.


·         The Kent Police Service Complaints Process: Members noted that a change in the recording process had resulted in an increased work load for Complaints Staff even though an actual increase in complaints levels had not taken place.


·         The Kent Police and Crime Plan: The Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Scott, (PCC) had updated the Panel on the Plan.


·         Crime Prevention Initiatives


·         The extension of the Police Cadet scheme in Kent: The Committee were pleased to hear of this initiative and expressed hope that this would lead to greater positive interaction between the KPS and youth of all ages.


·         Additional Police Resources:  The PCC announced funding for additional Police Staff across Kent.


·         Diversity and Inclusiveness:  It was noted that the KPS had recognised that staff profile needed to more fully represent the profile of the communities that it represented and that this had been highlighted by recent Census figures.


·         Violence against Women


·         Additional Court Facilities in Kent: It was reported that additional temporary Court facilities were to be provided in Maidstone.


·         E - Scooters




Dartford Town Against Crime (D-TAC) Annual Report pdf icon PDF 127 KB


Karen Radford the “Dartford Town Against Crime” (DTAC) Intelligence Manager introduced a presentation which explained the role of DTAC, its progress in the last calendar year and work currently underway to develop and expand its role across the Borough.  She also gave a breakdown of her own role within DTAC.


It was explained that DTAC aimed to


      reduce crime, violence and anti-social behaviour


      improving public safety and,


      promote a safe environment for the public to go about their daily business


Ms Radford also informed Members that DTAC had recently attained national accreditation with the Policing Crime Initiative scheme, a prestigious national qualification.


It was noted that Accreditation provides experience, national support and guidance and a framework of work to ensure the Borough Crime Reduction Partnership is fully compliant with legislation and best practice protocols.


The Intelligence Manager also explained that an integral part of the DTAC commitment was the Shop Safe Stay Scheme and that this gives registered vulnerable people a temporary place to go if they are feeling confused, scared or upset or are facing an emergency when visiting the town centre.


Members registered with the scheme receive a personal identification tag/card that can be kept on their key ring and details of any existing conditions, vulnerabilities and a nominated contact person are kept on a secure database.


If required staff at the Orchard Centre Security, the Community Safety Unit or CCTV at Dartford Borough Council are able to contact an appropriate person on their behalf.


The Committee was informed that the Scheme relaunched in February 2020 to allow for compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation legislation.


Ms Radford explained that a recent review of DTAC membership had been undertaken and a recruitment campaign had been undertaken to replace and membership had returned to near pre Covid levels.


The Committee congratulated Ms Radford on her work and achievements and enquired about the following matters:


      The extension of DTAC and Shop Safe across Dartford, and recruitment problems in areas away from Dartford Town Centre


      The range of the radio equipment currently in use by shop staff and information on its usage


      The renewal cycle for the Accreditation


Ms Radford responded that:


She was currently visiting retailers across the borough to encourage DTAC membership on a wider scale, but had recently encountered some resistance in the Temple Hill area.


The current radio system covers the whole of Dartford, and that it was hoped to return control of the system to the Borough CCTV centre for monitoring.


National Accreditation was valid for a two year period and would require renewal in 2022.


The Chairman thanked Ms Radford for her presentation and the responses to Member questions.


The Committee




To note the presentation and the work of the DTAC.


Dartford CSP Community Safety Plan 2021 Refresh pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee was informed that legislation requires that each Community Safety Partnership (CSP) produce a crime and disorder strategy which runs for 3 years, with an annual refresh in the intervening period.


It was noted that the former joint Community Safety Partnership with Gravesham Council, was formally dissolved in October 2020 and that the new single Dartford Community Safety Partnership (DCSP) now concentrated solely on Dartford related matters. 


Accordingly an updated, refreshed, Dartford Community Safety Strategy had been produced to reflect that change and had been approved by the DCSP at its meeting on 21 January 2021.


Having noted that the priorities contained in the current Strategy Document were still relevant and current, and that a new Strategy Document would be prepared for 2022 – 2025 the Committee




To endorse the refreshed Dartford Community Strategy 2019 – 2022.





Memorandum of Understanding with Dartford Community Safety Partnership and revised Committee Protocol pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Additional documents:


Members were informed that it was necessary to update these documents following the formation of a new single Dartford Community Safety Partnership and the appointment of a new Director of Housing and Public Protection earlier in the year.


Accordingly the Committee received and noted an amended Memorandum of Understanding and Protocol prior to its submission to the General Assembly of the Council for Adoption.


Committee Annual Report for preceding 2020-21 Municipal Year pdf icon PDF 118 KB

Additional documents:


Members received a report which detailed the work carried out by the Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Committee during the 2020 to 2021 Municipal Year.


It was noted that in accordance with its Protocol, the Committee was required to report annually to the General Assembly of the Council (GAC) on its work.


The Committee




To endorse the Report and agree that it be submitted to the GAC.


Review Rolling Committee Rolling Work Programme for 2021-22 and Beyond pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Additional documents:


Members received a report on the future work programme for the Committee.


Having noted the already approved schedule of work and meetings for future Municipal Years it was agreed that a number of additional issues be added to the plan.




That reports on the following be added to the programme of matters to be considered by the Committee.


·         The impact of the proposed London Resort on Crime and Policing in Dartford and the surrounding areas.


·         The misuse of Dartford Marshes and Dartford Heath by motor cyclists and joyriders.


·         County Lines.


·         Community Cohesion: The evolving ethnicity of Borough residents.


·         Crime reporting across differing ethnic groups.


·         Closed Circuit Television.


·         Action to reduce knife crime in the Borough


Dartford CSP Performance Report - July 2021 pdf icon PDF 177 KB


Members received a report on the performance of the CSP in the three month period ending 30 April 2021.


The report considered levels of crime and anti-social behaviour recorded by Kent Police during the period February – April 2021 and drew comparisons with data recorded in the same period the previous year. 


In addition to the statistics presented by Kent Police Service (KPS) and Partner Agencies, details of key work undertaken or planned that addressed the strategic priorities of the Community Safety Strategy 2 were also provided. 


Members congratulated the CSP on improvement in crime figures but questioned the disparity between Dartford and some other areas in Kent.


Chief Inspector Dann informed the Committee that in recent times policing initiatives had improved Dartford’s position as one of the most troubled areas in Kent, although he explained that the Borough’s geographical location, adjoining both London and metropolitan Essex, enabled criminal activity to easily migrate into Dartford, whereas this could not be said for more rural parts of the County.


Some concern was also expressed that due to the confidential nature of the report, Members were not able to pass details of these successes and improved crime statistics to the public. 




     I.        That Officers investigate how details of the performance successes could best be placed in the public domain, perhaps in the form of a redacted version of the report; and,


    II.        That thanks be recorded to Mr Dann and his Officers regarding the improving crime situation


Exclusion of Press and Public




That, under the provisions of Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended), the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the consideration of the following item of business on the grounds that it may involve the likely disclosure of Exempt information.


Dartford Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Performance Report July 2021 (Appendix A - EXEMPT)