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Reference from the Audit Board: Review of Member Code of Conduct


The General Assembly of the Council received a reference report from the meeting of the Audit Board which met on 21 September 2021 relating to a proposed revised Member Code of Conduct, following a review of the existing Code by the Head of Legal Services and Monitoring Office, which had been carried out to ensure the Member Code of Conduct’s clarity, consistency and quality, and that important areas such as bullying, harassment, equalities, respect and disrepute provisions were included. This would also ensure that

the Council maintained a high ethical standards system, which served the best instincts of councillors, whilst addressing unacceptable behaviour by a minority, and guarding against potential corporate standards’ risks.  The amendments to the Code were shown in red script in the copy of the revised Code at Appendix A to the report.  Having considered the reasons for the amendments (as set out more fully in the report to the Audit Board at Appendix B), the Board recommended that the Council adopts the revised Code (in accordance with draft minute no.19 at Appendix C).




That the revised Member Code of Conduct, at Appendix A to the report, be adopted as recommended by the Audit Board.

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