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Parking Services Annual Report



To consider the 2018-20 Parking Services Annual Report.




To consider, note and agree the Parking Services Annual Report 2018-20, attached at Appendix A to the report, in the light of any comments from the Joint Transportation Board, for publication on the Council’s web site.


The Strategic Director introduced the Civil Enforcement & Parking Services Report for 2018/20 which set out the Council’s approach to parking and traffic management, provided information about parking provision and enforcement, car park provision and parking schemes and projects undertaken during the past two years as well as statistical and other relevant and comparative data.  She explained that there was a statutory requirement to publish a report and that it was intended to be informative for the public and to explain how the service worked. She explained that the Cabinet Advisory Panel had supported the report but had suggested that future reports should contain even more statistical data as well as asking for statistical data on the number of penalty charge notices (PCN’s) issued for each location to be circulated to Members on a more frequent basis, possibly quarterly or twice a year.  


The Chairman noted the comments made by the Cabinet Advisory Panel and that it had raised concerns about bad parking and behaviour around schools. He had hoped that public behaviour might have improved as a result of the greater community spirit that had arisen during the current pandemic but it seemed that some people had reverted to bad habits and inconsiderate parking. He understood Members wish to have more information about the number of enforcement notices issued but felt that actually an increase in the numbers of PCN’s was a reflection of failure to get the public to park responsibly. Other ways of changing behaviours needed to be found but it seemed that efforts to educate and encourage people to act responsibly would not be heeded by some people. He noted the good work carried out by the Safer to School Working Group but that this could not override the behaviour of people who simply would not listen or do the right thing. He hoped that the Government might act in future to give local authorities more powers to take action where school safety was an issue. He emphasised that the Council did not consider parking management to be a revenue generator and that the service was cost neutral and intended to manage parking responsibly and safely. This was evidenced by the Council’s actions during the height of the pandemic when many PCN’s were waived and parking charges were suspended.


The Portfolio Holder for Community Safety welcomed the report which he felt was informative for residents and commented on the excellence and fairness of the parking service. He commended the report to the Cabinet.    


The Portfolio Holder for Youth, Health & Wellbeing informed the Cabinet that the report had also been considered by the Joint Transportation Board, which she had chaired, and that many of the same concerns had been raised as had been discussed by CAP. She noted that school safety was a particular concern, especially as many pupils travelled to schools in Dartford from other areas. She felt that there was a need for communication and education to change the parking behaviours of some parents.




That the Cabinet notes the content of the Civil Enforcement & Parking Services Report 2018-20, and the comments from the Joint Transportation Board, and approves its publication on the Council’s web site.


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