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Agenda item

Part of Littlebrook Power Station site, Rennie Drive, Dartford Kent.


The redevelopment of the site to provide Class B8 (storage and distribution) uses and ancillary B1 uses with associated access, servicing, parking, landscaping, works to flood defence and riverside enhancements





Councillor Oliver, having declared an interest in this matter, withdrew from the meeting and took no part in the consideration of the Application.


The Board received a report on an application for the redevelopment of part of the site ( Phase 2 ) of the former Littlebrook Power Station site to provide Class B8 (storage and distribution) uses and ancillary B1 uses with associated access, servicing, parking, landscaping, works to flood defence and riverside enhancements


The Chairman introduced Mr Bradley Thomas who spoke opposing the proposals and Mr Simon Spencer who supported it.


Angella Coull from KCC Highways was also present and answered some of the Members’ questions in relation to Highway issues. David Bird from Vectos, the applicant’s highway consultant also responded to highway related questions from members.



In addition the clerk to the Board presented a prepared statement from Councillor Butler – Rhule, a local ward Councillor for the area.


Members’ attention was drawn to the update circulated.


Officers reported verbally on a number of amendments to the Conditions proposed on this application arising from Environment Agency requirements and phasing of the proposed works.




That the Application be approved subject to


a)    The Conditions, Reasons and Informatives set out in the Report and update circulated


b)    The amendment to Condition 2 as follows:


Reference to the following to be removed


·                     4048-70 T7 and 4048-71 T9 Flood Defence Improvement Works;

·                     4048-SK003; 4048-SK004; 4048-SK005; 4048-SK006;

·                     500MMX100MMX10MM Capping Channel

·                     The Sheet Pile Retaining Wall, Sheet Piling Design Report, prepared by Berryrange (Reference E7623A-BRL-00-XX-RP-X-0010 C5);


c)    The replacement of Condition 7 with the following:-


7. Details of the design and supporting information for the flood defence works comprising the steel sheet piled flood defence wall, the raised earth flood embankment and the improvement works to the existing outlet shaft shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority prior to the commencement of the flood defence works. The details and supporting information will include:


1.    A condition survey including intrusive testing of the existing Outfall Shaft with details of any needed remedial works.


2.    A geotechnical design report into the local and global ground stability of the flood defences and the riverbank over the full river frontage including the latest ground investigation data.



3.    Controlled modulus columns to be installed to achieve the needed improvement in ground stability, or details of suitable alternative engineering ground improvement works.


4.    The materials, method and sequence of construction of the flood defences works and of the removal of the existing flood wall and flood gate.


The approved works shall be implemented in full prior to the commencement of the main building structural floor slab, and shall be maintained as such thereafter.


7. To protect the development from the risk of flooding, to ensure that the Thames Tidal flood defences are robust, with a lifetime of no less than 100-years and to satisfy the requirements of the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan.



d)    The following further clause be added to Condition 20 as amended by the update report


c) The implementation of the slip road improvement works as approved pursuant to part a) of this condition, in so far as the implementation of the works is within the control of the applicant.



Supporting documents: