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Agenda and minutes

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Apologies for Absence


In the delayed arrival of the Chairman, Councillor Kite assumed the chairmanship of the Committee for the duration of the meeting.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors K M Kelly and D Swinerd and one for lateness from Cllr. Lloyd, who subsequently joined proceedings, but did not assume his chairmanship.


The Acting Chairman welcomed Mr Tony Martin to his first meeting of the Committee, following his appointment by Cabinet as the 4th Independent Member on the DTOC. Mr Martin briefed Committee Members on his current working background and the skills that he felt he brought to the Committee as an Independent Member, including his close childhood links to the Borough and its parks, from growing up in nearby Erith. He looked forward to participating fully in the Committee’s proceedings going forward.



Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest from Members including the term(s) of any Grant(s) of Dispensation.


The Committee Co-ordinator confirmed on behalf of the Head of Legal Services, that Cabinet Members present were not conflicted over any items contained in the Agenda papers, including any membership of Hesketh Park Bowls Club, provided that they did not hold a decision making role within the Club. Cabinet Members confirmed that this was the case.


Councillor Brown advised the Committee, for the sake of clarity, that he was not conflicted over discussion of Item 7 – Redevelopment of Land East of Lowfield Street - as a Member of the Development Control Board (DCB).  However, as a Member of the DTOC, he would have to declare an interest as a DTOC Member when he attended DCB on 16 March 2017 and exclude himself from the Board’s discussion of the application during that meeting.


Councillor Lloyd, on subsequently joining the proceedings, confirmed that he had no declarations of interest to make.


Confirmation of Minutes of the meeting held on 18 October 2016 pdf icon PDF 93 KB




That the Minutes of the meeting held on 18 October 2016 be confirmed.


Appointment of Fourth (4th) Independent Member to the Committee pdf icon PDF 49 KB

To confirm the appointment of Mr A. R. Martin as the 4th (fourth) Independent Member on the Committee following the decision by Cabinet (as the appointing body) on 26 January 2017 [Cabinet Min. No. 112 refers]. 

Additional documents:


The report formally advised the Committee of the decision by Cabinet (as the appointing body) on 26 January 2017 [Cabinet Min. No. 112 refers] to appoint Mr A. R. Martin as the 4th Independent Member to the Deed, Trust and Obligations Committee (DTOC) to fill a vacancy.


Members were reminded of the recruitment process undertaken by Member Services to identify prospective candidates and the formation of a selection Panel of DTOC Members on 4 January 2017 who had recommended the appointment of Mr Martin to Cabinet on a unanimous basis from a strong candidate field.




1.    That the Committee note and accept the appointment by Cabinet (as the appointing body) of Mr A. R. Martin as the 4th Independent Member on the Committee;


2.    That the appointment be approved for an initial period of one year and reported to the Annual Meeting on 10 May 2017 and confirmed annually thereafter, the normal term of office for an Independent Member on the Committee being for a period of 4(four) years. 


Hesketh Park Bowls Club - Pavilion Exterior Works pdf icon PDF 61 KB

To consider the attached report outlining proposed works to be undertaken by the Club.

Additional documents:


The report, marked as ‘To-Follow’ in the Agenda, asked Members to consider proposals by Hesketh Park Bowls Club Limited to undertake various cladding and roofline upgrades to the exterior of the Club’s pavilion as detailed in Appendix A to the report. Appendix B to the report comprised site photographs of the pavilion in its current state of repair.


The Leisure & Communities Officer and the Club’s Chairman, Mr Roy Lewing, responded to Members’ specific questions concerning points of detail for the proposed works to the Committee’s satisfaction.




1.    That consent to the proposed works be granted to Hesketh Park Bowls Club Limited by the Committee on the proviso that all the terms listed in paragraph 3.7 of the report be met.


Redevelopment of Land East of Lowfield Street - Consultation on Planning Application pdf icon PDF 58 KB

To consider the attached consultation report on the planning application relating to the redevelopment of land east of Lowfield Street for a predominantly residential development, prior to submission to the Council’s Development Control Board on 16 March 2017.

Additional documents:


The report from the Council’s Development Manager asked the Committee, acting as Charitable Trustee, to consider the consultation on the planning application relating to the development of land east of Lowfield Street, Dartford for a predominantly residential development.


The Council as local planning authority is required by law to consult neighbouring occupiers when a planning application has been received. The Committee, acting as Charitable Trustee for the Kidd Legacy land in Central Park Dartford which borders part of the application site; was asked to respond to the consultation exercise on the planning application [DA/16/01919/FUL] and decide whether, acting as Charitable Trustee; it wished to support the proposal, object to the proposal and/or make a general observation on the proposal.


In addition to the report, Members had received an Errata Sheet which had corrected the wording for the ‘Object’ of the Kidd Legacy Charity as stated inter-alia in para 4.1 of the report document. The Errata Sheet confirmed that the ‘Object’ of the Kidd Legacy Charity as introduced by the First-Tier Tribunal (Charity) in 2010, was ….’ the appropriation and use of the land in perpetuity as a public recreation ground and for no other purpose whatsoever.’


The Council’s Development Manager supplied Members with further specific details of the planning application [DA/16/01919/FUL] to supplement the general advice contained in her report. She referred Members to the plan [reproduced from the relevant Ordnance Survey map] attached as Appendix A to her report, which showed Lowfield Street, the proposed development hatched in red and Central Park with the Kidd Legacy land within Central Park outlined in purple. She advised that the planning application for the redevelopment of land east of Lowfield St. had been submitted in 2 (two) parts:


(i)            The northern part of the development site between Market St. and No. 26 Lowfield St. down to the former DA1 nightclub, was a fully detailed application for the construction of 188 residential dwellings and 1,700 square meters of retail and commercial development;


(ii)          The southern part of the application site (which in part adjoined the Kidd Legacy Land in Central Park) was in outline only, with the detailed design to be submitted at a later date. However, the outline proposal did indicate points of access [to the Park], land use and maximum building heights, which future detailed proposals would have to comply with. The development area immediately adjacent to the Kidd Legacy Land was shown in the outline application as a green space with surface water attenuation, beyond which [towards Lowfield St.] would be residential development. The applicants had submitted indicative plans of where the blocks of dwellings might be located, to demonstrate viability.


In response to specific questions from Members, the Development Manager confirmed the following points of detail:


·         Access to the Kidd Legacy land within Central Park from Lowfield St. was a condition of the application. The outline access detailed within in the red hatching running from the corner of No. 80 Lowfield St. [Appendix A to the report] was of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 39.


Correspondence pdf icon PDF 36 KB

To note the attached correspondence.

Additional documents:


Members were asked to note correspondence enclosed in the Agenda papers comprising; a letter from Mr L. P. Ryan to the Charity Commission of 19 January 2017 which enclosed a letter of 14 October 2016 addressed to the Committee. Members had previously discussed the letter of 14 October 2016 at their meeting on 18 October as part of the report on Hesketh Park and Dartford Cricket Club [Min. No. 30 of 18 October 2016 refers].


Officers were not aware of any response from the Charity Commission to Mr Ryan’s letter of 19 January 2017. However, both the Commission and Council Officers regarded all relevant points raised by Mr Ryan in his continuing correspondence with the Commission and the Council regarding the lease with Dartford Cricket Club Limited for use of the Council’s cricket pavilion in Hesketh Park as having been addressed in full [Min. No. 30 refers] and the correspondence had been enclosed in the Agenda papers simply for Members to note.




1.    That the attached correspondence be noted.