Agenda and minutes

Joint Transportation Board - Tuesday 4 December 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Room B12, Civic Centre, Home Gardens, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1DR

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Note No. Item


Apologies for Absence.


The Board received apologies for absence from Councillors Page and Lees and Messrs Baker and Kite.




The Board noted the appointment of Councillor T Maddison as a substitute for Councillor Page


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest from Members including the terms(s) of the Grant of Dispensation (if any).


There were no interests declared by Board Members.


To confirm the Minutes of the meeting of the Dartford Joint Transportation Board held on 4 September 2018. pdf icon PDF 241 KB


That the minutes of the Joint Transportation Board held on 4 September 2018 be confirmed as a correct record of that meeting.


Urgent Items

The Chairman will announce his decision as to whether there are any urgent items and their position on the agenda.


The Chairman confirmed that there were no urgent issues for the Board to consider.


References from other Committees (if any)


It was noted that there were no matters referred for the Board to consider.



Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 46 KB

This report advises Members on the progress of matters arising at previous meetings of the Board.

Additional documents:


The Board received a report on progress made on a number of issues outstanding from previous meetings.


Arising from the report the feedback was received:


Item 10.

Councillor Ozog reported that Yellow lines had now been installed in Maiden Lane and he hoped that this would alleviate the problems caused by inconsiderate parking.


Additionally it was noted that the Working Group on School Safety mentioned at our last meeting had now met, and the Chairman asked if the minutes of the Group be appended to the Board Agenda in future.



Chairman's Update

A verbal update will be provided, at the Chairman’s request, on the following items: -


  • Delays in the Completion of road works at St Clements Way Greenhithe.


  • Progress on the Introduction of Residents Parking Schemes across the Borough





The Chairman had requested information on the following matters


a)    Delays in the completion of road works at St Clements Way, Greenhithe:


It was reported that work on this scheme was on target but that traffic congestion had been worsened by the closure of Greenhithe Station approach road and the necessary traffic detours for this.  It was also noted that work was progressing well but completion may be affected by re surfacing works in the vicinity.



b)    Progress on the introduction of Residents Parking Schemes across the Borough.


The Chairman informed Members that while inquiries had been made relating to a number of Residents parking schemes, there were none for which approval had been given by Members.


Proposed Waiting Restrictions, Chastilian Road and Wentworth Drive , Dartford, Kent pdf icon PDF 434 KB


Ms Emma Green Kent County Council Highways Engineer introduced a report on proposed parking restrictions to be introduced in Chastilian Road and Wentworth Drive Dartford.


It was explained that Wentworth Primary School had recently undergone an expansion and that one of the impacts of this has been an increase in vehicle traffic at this location.


In response to that and to reduce the danger to persons and vehicles using this road Kent County Council had proposed introducing waiting restrictions in Chastilian Road and Wentworth Drive, and conducted public consultation thereon.


Following numerous objections by local residents to initial proposals which included the introduction of double yellow lines in these roads, a second amended proposal was published which attracted a much reduced level of opposition.



Having considered the proposal and having noted the support of the local Councillor for the area the Board,




Recommend the approval of the Traffic Regulation Order, detailed in the report of Officers, to install both double yellow lines and waiting restriction in Chastilian Avenue and Wentworth Drive Dartford in order to:


      i.        Improve safety for pedestrians, including school children, and vehicles using this road.


    ii.        Reduce the safety problems associated with the current inconsiderate parking, exacerbated by the expansion of the primary school. 


   iii.        Improve visibility at junctions by reducing the extent of parked cars that are causing obstructions.




Fastrack Report pdf icon PDF 191 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report from Mr Daniel Bruce on developments which had taken place on Fastrack since the June 2018 meeting.


Mr Bruce highlighted the following points


Fastrack Busway Enforcement

A trial of a system of camera enforcement is to be held on the Ingress Park / Greenhithe Station busway in December - January 2018/2019.


The trial will be testing technical and viability aspects of an installation and will survey levels of non – compliance.  No actual enforcement will take place.  A report on the outcome should be available for the March meeting of the Board.


While there were no current plans to extend the trial to other busways it was accepted that the Darenth Road busway was much abused and may also merit camera enforcement if it proves viable.


Ingress Park: Tiltman Avenue to Manor Way Link

Fastrack service B has commenced using the link following confirmation that ongoing works would not compromise the route.


A new time table has been introduced and new stops have been provided, (with shelters to follow in some locations), although some issues are being experienced with inconsiderate parking on the route.  It is understood that Crest Nicholson are planning an extension to the current TRO to overcome this.


Ingress Abbey Bus Stop

It has been necessary to undertake a consultation exercise relating to the siting of this stop as adjacent properties are populated.  Of the 20 responses received only one objection has been received.  As the location of the Stop would have been known as part of the planning process, and there was not a viable alternative it had been agreed to retain the position as proposed.


Operating Contract for Fastrack B

The current operating contract expires in April 2019 and a short term extension of 4 months will be in place with the current provider while the tendering exercise for the contract is completed.


Representation at the Board

Mr Bruce also reported that a new Officer had been appointed by KCC to deal with Fastrack – Mr Shane Hymers- – and that he would be presenting this report at future meetings.




Vehicle Crossovers pdf icon PDF 74 KB


The Board was reminded that at its meeting held on 4 September 2018 Members had requested that a report be prepared on the cost and provision of necessary amendments to Traffic Regulation Orders TRO following the approval of the installation of vehicle crossovers by Kent County Council (KCC).


It was noted that currently KCC, as Highway Authority, consider applications for vehicle footway crossings, but that responsibility for amendments to any TRO and physical signage that may apply, lies with District Authorities. 


This obviously places a financial burden on District Authorities when applications be approved


Accordingly the  Principal Transport Planner, introduced a report which set out details of proposed costings for a range of amendments to TRO together with removal or amendment of “on road” markings linked to the amendments.


It was noted that while the proposed charges for the work were relatively high, their publication would at least present transparency to the process and allow residents a full picture of the cost of their footway crossing.


The Board therefore




1.    To note the implications of Kent County Council’s policy and its impact on Dartford Borough Council resources


2.    To RECOMMEND to the Cabinet that the scheme as set out in paragraph 3.6 of the Report be further developed and implemented.



Dartford Town Centre: Transport and Public Realm Improvements pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report which set out the transport and public realm improvements proposed as part of the redevelopment of Dartford town centre.


It was noted that the report detailed progress achieved since April 2018 and set out the finalised outline design for Market Street summarised activities completed and set out the planned schedule of work through to the completion of the scheme.


Members were generally pleased at the proposals and the progress achieved and reported that a number of local businesses had similar views.  However concerns were expressed at the following matters


·         The re - routing of local “Hoppa” bus routes away from the Town Centre.  This could be problematic as this service is used by large numbers of elderly shoppers coming into the Town Centre and re - routing would impact upon them.


·         The levels of parking provision once the works were complete


·         Proposed speed limits in Market Street and its use as a shared pedestrian / vehicle area


·         Measures to maintain the current and new pedestrianised area as vehicle free, as access is to be allowed for deliveries to shops in the area.


In response to these issues the following points were made:


Ø  While some bus services were being re - routed to Home Gardens the “Hoppa” routes were to retain their current route and thus have little impact on the elderly.


Ø  Once the improvement scheme is complete there will be more parking spaces available for shoppers and Town Centre users.


Ø  Market Street is to remain a highway and not be a shared pedestrian / vehicle space.  It will be significantly narrower than before and this should deter vehicles from travelling at inappropriate speeds in the area.


Ø  It is recognised that unauthorised use of the pedestrianised areas of Market Street and High Street is currently a problem.  It is proposed to allow access for deliveries to shops but to exclude other traffic by use of electric bollards and other physical methods.


Having considered the report and the responses to the points raised the Board agreed to note the information provided.


Petition: Rezoning Dartford Railway Station pdf icon PDF 62 KB

Additional documents:


The Board was informed that a petition had been submitted to the Council seeking the re - location of Dartford Railway Station which is currently in Travel Card Zone 8 to Zone 7.  The petition cited the differing fare levels between local neighbouring stations and that there was currently not a Zone 7 in the area.


It was noted that rail operators accepted that there were major inconsistencies in the arrangement of the zoning for travel cards across London and that Dartford had been placed in Zone 8 when the Travelcard system was extended some three years ago.  At that time the zoning produced a reduced fare for Travelcard users.


Mr Vinson of Southeastern Rail informed the Board that currently there was an ongoing review of fares and stations led by the Managing director of Southeastern Rail and he would pass this request to the review team for consideration.


The Board therefore agreed to


1.    Note the petition and await the outcome of the Review process.


2.    Inform the head petitioner accordingly


Southeastern Rail: Verbal Update


The Board received a verbal update on points relating to rail services from Mr Chris Vinson – Public Relations Manager Southeastern Rail, and Mr John Barkway – Commercial Manager, Southeastern Rail.


Mr Vinson informed the Board that a bid had been submitted to the Department of Transport for the upgrading of Swanscombe Station.  This had been identified as being of high priority following recent consultations with Dartford Council.


In response to a request by Councillor Mrs Ozog, Messrs Vinson and Barkway explained why there were no services from London Cannon Street to Dartford after 17.19 each evening.


It was explained that in an effort to increase the capacity of train services into London a revised programme of trains had been introduced.  However in order to accommodate this on the current aging rail network, it was necessary to reduce services from Cannon Street to Dartford. 


Members Enquiry Items

Members have the opportunity to raise  the following: -


·         Questions in relation to capital and revenue funded works programmes

·         Suggestions for future traffic regulation orders or street management proposals

·         Questions on policies, plans and strategies related to highways, road traffic and public transport.

·         Suggestion of a future agenda item (subject to the Chairman’s approval)



Members raised the following issues:


Mr P Harman

Mr Harman reported that he had a number of matters relating to Traffic Regulation Orders in Greenhithe and Swanscombe that he wished to be discussed by the Board.  He asked how this could be progressed.


The Chairman informed Mr Harman that he should write to the Clerk to the Board and the Chairman and a decision would be taken on whether these should be added to the Agenda.


Mr J Ozog

Mr Ozog enquired about the cost of renovation of “Dog Bone” markings.  A resident in Blenheim Close had received a very high quotation for works outside their property and Mr Ozog queried this.


While there seemed to be some question regarding the ownership of the Road surface the Principal Transport Planner explained that the quotation provided seemed to relate to the frontage of two adjoining properties, and if this was not required then a lesser cost would be incurred.


Additionally Mr Ozog drew the Board’s attention to the constant misuse of a disabled parking bay in Nelson and Wellington Road by a commercial vehicle.


Principal Transport Planner stressed that enforcement might not be an option if this were a discretionary bay but that if it were constantly misused then removal may be an option.


Mr Maddison

Mr Maddison asked if problems relating to congestion in Central Road Dartford could be investigated.  He was aware that works in the road were now complete but congestion problems persisted.


Ms Sutton agreed to investigate the matter but stressed that if problems were due to incomplete / unsatisfactory Statutory Undertakers works then this would need to be logged onto the Kent Traffic fault system.


Dartford Winter Works pdf icon PDF 55 KB


The Board received and noted a report on the winter works programme adopted by Kent County Council.


Well Managed Highways pdf icon PDF 83 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report which detailed the Strategy which is to be adopted by Kent County Council for the implementation of a new code of practice for highway maintenance management.


The Board noted the information contained in the report.


Dartford Highways Works Programme pdf icon PDF 117 KB


The Board received and noted a report from KCC Highways which informed Members regarding the roadworks currently being undertaken or proposed in the Borough.


KCC - Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee pdf icon PDF 17 KB

The following are attached for Members information: -


§    Environment, and Transport Cabinet Committee – Minutes 20 September 2018



NB: If a Member wishes to discuss any of these items at the meeting, please advise the Member Services Section (01322) 343251 prior to the meeting.

Additional documents:


The Board received and noted the Minutes of the Kent County Council Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee held on 20 September 2018.