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Agenda and minutes

Joint Transportation Board
Tuesday 7 June 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Room B12, Civic Centre, Home Gardens, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1DR

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Note No. Item


Apologies for Absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Mrs Penny Cole, Jeremy Kite, and Councillor Daisy Page.


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest from Members including the terms(s) of the Grant of Dispensation (if any).


There were no Declarations of Interest made.


To confirm the Minutes of the meeting of the Dartford Joint Transportation Board held on 1 March 2016 and the Special meeting of the Board held on 12 April 2016 pdf icon PDF 89 KB

Additional documents:


That the minutes of the meetings of the Joint Transportation Board held on 1 March and 12 April 2016 be confirmed as a correct record of those meetings subject to the amendment of a number of typographic errors to names in the Minutes of the meeting held on 1 March 2016.


Urgent Items

The Chairman will announce his decision as to whether there are any urgent items and their position on the agenda.


The Chairman confirmed that there were no urgent items for the Board to consider.


References from other Committees (if any)


It was reported that there were no matters which had been referred for the Board to consider.



Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 46 KB

This report advises Members on the progress of matters arising at previous meetings of the Board.

Additional documents:


The Board received an update on a number of outstanding issues from previous meetings and was informed that further information on some issues was set out in the Agenda for the meeting.


Arising from the Update the following information was provided.


Item 3 Bob Dunn Way Access Issues. Mr Maddison asked if any further information was available on this, but Ms Sutton was unable to provide any further information at this point and undertook to pursue the matter with the relevant engineers.


Item 4 Drainage Wilmington Court Road.  Councillor Lampkin asked if there had been any progress in resolving this issue.  Ms Sutton responded that it was now proposed to renew two soakaways as they were unrepairable, and that works would be undertaken in August.


Item 5 Removal of Redundant Lamp Columns and Stumps  Mrs Allen informed the Board that she had recently met with the Street Lighting Engineer and a list of works was provided, although it was noted that some redundant lamps columns had been omitted from the list of works.


Accordingly Board Members were invited to pass the location of any missing columns direct to the Street Lighting Engineer for action.


Item 7 Misuse of Busways by Motorists  Mr Boudville reported that he had been seeking a costing for the introduction of CCTV on a trial basis at two locations on the Fastrack route.  Unfortunately the quotation received from our contractor was excessive and negotiations were now underway to achieve a better deal.


Should such negotiations not provide a suitable price then a physical survey of traffic will be undertaken to ascertain the current scale of the problem.



Item 8 Parking Control Issues: Common Lane Wilmington  Councillor Lampkin enquired about the progress of works to introduce parking protection on the unprotected section of Common Lane and was assured that the lining would be undertaken during the school summer holidays. 


It was noted that targeted enforcement would be undertaken to deal with any inconsiderate or illegal parking including the use of the Borough safety vehicle.


Item 9 Enforcement of Yellow Box Junctions  Councillor Kelly confirmed that he had written to the Minister for Transport regarding the introduction of legislation to allow the CCTV enforcement of these, but that a response had not yet been received.


Item 11 Darenth Valley River Walk Lighting  Councillor Kelly informed the Board that he had still been unable to contact the owner of the light in question, but that it was now working again.


Item 13 Introduction of Dog Bone Road Markings  Mr Boudville reported that the system to allow ordering of these would come on line soon, and that he would contact a number of applicants to try the system.


Update on Measures Arising from the Special Meeting held on 12 April 2016


Councillor Keith Kelly reported that he felt that the special meeting held on 12 April had been most productive in that


·         it had identified that Dartford was justified in claiming that it required special status in funding terms due to the huge impact that the Dartford Crossing had on the town and surrounding areas;


·         a number of measures to mitigate the impact of disruption caused by the crossing had been discussed; and,


·         a Member Working Group of four plus the Chairman of this Board had been established to consider the impact of the proposed mitigating measures and their implementation.


Councillor Kelly also reiterated the point that the Government Minister for Transport had been asked to consider a request for 1% of the revenue from Dartford Crossing to be passed to the Borough to fund additional Police Officers to deal with traffic issues in the area.


It was noted that in addition to the Chairman of the JTB the Member Working Group was to be comprised of two Conservative, one Labour and one Independent Councillor, and that Parish Councils would have access to the Group via the Independent Councillor.




That the Member Working Group comprise Councillors Jan Ozog and Richard Wells (Conservative) Councillor Tom Maddison (Labour) and Peter Harman (Independent).



Kent County Council Officers may wish to update Board Members on any issues that have arisen since the last Board meeting.


The Board noted that there was no matters to report on Fastrack and was informed that a full update would be provided at the next Board meeting.


Arising from this, Councillor Lampkin reported that a number of bus shelters on the routes were being vandalised on a regular basis.  He enquired if CCTV could be employed or introduced to aid in the prosecution of such vandals, and if all agencies could be mindful of the problem and not provide ready ammunition for people to use?


Mr Noad reported that it was possible to introduce shelters which were more resilient to attack, as had been done in Tunbridge Wells, and that he would liaise with the Fastrack team to suggest this when replacement of shelters was to be undertaken.


Parking Traffic Regulation Order - Clarendon Gardens and Cadogan Avenue, Dartford. pdf icon PDF 57 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report on proposals to introduce Parking Regulation Orders in Clarendon Gardens and Cadogan Avenue Dartford.


The proposed measures contained in the Orders were designed to assist with and remediate some of the difficulties caused by obstructive, inconsiderate and possibly hazardous parking.


The report detailed the original proposals for the Orders, the public consultation exercise carried out on the proposals, comments received from the public on the measures, and amendments to the scheme made in the light of public comments.


The Board were informed that the local Kent County Councillor, Mrs Penny Cole had supported these restrictions via her combined Members Grant, in response to issues raised by a number of local residents.


The Board also received representations from Mrs Stephanie Goodall a resident of Cadogan Gardens who raised the following issues.


·         The  proposed measures were disproportionate for the problem


·         The problem could be solved by the introduction of residents only parking restrictions


·         A number of individual problems could be solved by using individual parking bays


The Board was informed that the measures introduced were deemed as Safety Critical and were to be introduced by Kent County Council, whereas the alternatives put forward by Mrs Goodall would be installed by Dartford Borough Council.


Additionally for the introduction of a residents parking scheme to be considered by DBC, significant local support must be demonstrated from affected local residents, and local councillors should be involved.




That the Board approve the revised proposals as shown in Appendix C to the report.




Chairman's Update

A verbal update will be provided, at the Chairman’s request, on the following items: -


The Chairman has not identified any particular issues for verbal updates but has asked that information on all matters on item 6 is available for Members.


It was noted that the Chairman had not requested further information on any issues for this meeting.


Members Enquiry Items

Members have the opportunity to raise  the following: -


·         Questions in relation to capital and revenue funded works programmes

·         Suggestions for future traffic regulation orders or street management proposals

·         Questions on policies, plans and strategies related to highways, road traffic and public transport.

·         Suggestion of a future agenda item (subject to the Chairman’s approval)



Board Members raised the following Issues:


Mr Maddison asked if there was a remedy for the continuing misuse of the footway in Burnham Road Dartford by cyclists, as a number of residents had complained to him about the issue.


It was noted that this was a busy Road with many lorries using it and this deterred cyclists from remaining on the Highway.


Denise Sutton, the acting District Manager, agreed to look into this issue and report back to the Board.


Additionally Mr Maddison asked if consideration could be given to the introduction of parking restrictions in Ivy Close, Dartford on a Safety Critical basis as inconsiderate / dangerous parking was causing problems in this area.


Ms Sutton again agreed to look into this issue and report back to the Board.


Councillor Mrs Ozog reported that the KCC tracker web site lacked a provision for reporting issues relating to Zebra Crossings, and asked if the crossings identified could be considered for remarking as they were in a poor condition.


Additionally Mrs Ozog asked about the removal of temporary parking restrictions in the St Albans Road / Fulwich Road area.  These had been introduced to facilitate construction works – now completed.


Mr Noad undertook to investigate the matter and report back to the Board on the cessation of the restrictions.


Councillor Kelly enquired when the new traffic signals at Overy Street / Temple Hill / Central Road, would be put into commission and if the phasing would be reviewed after a period of operation with the needs of local industrial users in mind.


Ms Sutton agreed to look into this issue and report back to the Board.


Councillor Lampkin asked for clarification of the terms of the full road closure of Darenth Road.  It was currently partially closed as a wall had collapsed near its junction with East Hill, Dartford, and considerable disruption would be caused to traffic if it was fully closed for any length of time.


Ms Sutton agreed to look into this issue and report back to the Board.


Finally Councillor Lees enquired if Parish Councils could be more involved when traffic diversions are introduced as quite often the diversion routes are inconvenient and inappropriate.


Ms Sutton commented that occasionally diversions were put in place to cover emergency works and that little consultation was possible in these cases. 


However she agreed that consultation with the Parish Clerks and Councils was desirable and agreed that this should be discussed at the next Parish Forum.


Road Works in the Borough of Dartford pdf icon PDF 22 KB

Members will be advised of the roadworks which were currently being undertaken or expected within the Borough in 2016 /17.

Additional documents:


The Board received and noted a report which set out details of highways works in progress or approved for commencement in 2015/ 2016 in the Dartford area.


KCC - Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee pdf icon PDF 17 KB

For Members information the following has been attached for Members information: -


§    Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee – Minutes 12 February and 11 March 2016


NB: If a Member wishes to discuss any of these items at the meeting, please advise the Member Services Section (01322) 343251 prior to the meeting.

Additional documents:


The Board received and noted the Minutes of the meeting of the Kent County Council Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee held on 12 February and 11 March 2016.